The Easiest Way to Go Live

Introducing Livestream's All-in-One Studio Kit

Livestream Makes it Easy for You

Put the Power of a Broadcast Studio in Your Hands

We deliver to your door a complete TV studio for your organization. Just unpack your all-in-one Livestream Studio Kit and you are ready to go live. Create sophisticated broadcasts with multiple camera angles, lower thirds graphics, and picture-in-picture effects to dramatically enhance your marketing activities and engage your customers everywhere.

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Over $8,000 of hardware is included. Kits are available when you sign up for an Annual Platform plan.
Intel® NUC PC check
Mevo Plus Camera by Livestream 3X
Mevo Boost (10 hour battery accessory) 3X
Livestream Studio Software (a $799 value) check
Wireless Mic check
Livestream Surface Go Controller check
Livestream Studio Keyboard check
Apple iPad (limited time offer) check
Wireless Router check
Microphone and Camera Stands Included check
All Cables and Connections Included check
Ideal For
Town Halls
Corporate Marketing
and Communications
Large Conferences
and Events
Product Launches and
Press Conferences
Concerts and


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